Jesus The Hunter H24.5XW9XD4.5

Jesus The Hunter – plaster, wood, metal and cord – 24.5X9X4.5 in.

Guns R Us™ – acrylic on fabric – 90X51 in.

La guerra

War’s always in Fashion – mixed media on canvas – 24X30 in.

Spaghetti Western – custom print on wood box – 24.5X96X7 in.

Enjoy Coca Cola® Bitches™ – sharpie on canvas – 42.5X30 in.

God Near / one revolution ahead – oil and acrylic on canvas – 108X53 in.

God Near – oil on canvas – 42X13 in.

Hello Bitchy™ – ink on canvas – 18X24 in.

DevilGirl Only Speaks Designer Names – oil on canvas – 40X30 in.

Watch out for children – sharpie on reflective aluminum sign – 24X24 in.

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